Sports Betting Facts – What You Might Not Know About US Sports Bets –

Sports Betting Facts – What You Might Not Know About US Sports Bets –

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It’s no secret that the sports gambling industry is in the midst of what some might call a Golden Age. Since around 2015, as daily fantasy sites took off and legal restrictions were slowly peeled back, gambling has become more accepted among the public than at any time in the past.

Some individuals remember a time when betting on sports had to be done through a bookie or a shady offshore website. Now, betting on sports can be done legally through any number of apps you can download on your phone in seconds.

In addition to the accessibility of sportsbooks, the sports gambling subculture has even made its way to primetime television programs on the biggest networks in sports. Bottom line tickers even provide information on betting odds. In short, sports gambling has revolutionized the way future generations will consume sports.

Regardless of your opinion of gambling, it’s likely that it’s here to stay. In this article, I’ll lay out seven facts you may or may not have known about the sport betting industry.

1 – Football Is King

This may come as no surprise, but football, specifically the NFL, is the most frequently bet sporting event in terms of both money and overall participants. But how big exactly is the football betting footprint in American sports gambling?